With the passing of a loved one, we often have a very intense urge to honor or preserve the memory of that person. For many people, they choose to memorialize that person with a tattoo.

Commemorating your loved ones with a tattoo has been a common occurrence for some time now. More recently, people have taken that task one step further by incorporating their love ones’ ashes into their tattoo(s). The practice, called “commemorative or ritual tattoos, is quickly gaining popularity.

The procedure is quite simple. The cremation ashes, know as ‘cremains’ are grounded into a fine powder using a ceramic mortar and pestle. A small amount of the powdered cremains are then dissolved into the tattoo ink.
Going to an experienced tattoo professional will ensure that the procedure is safe and sterilized. The cremains will be made sterile through the use of an autoclave, rendering the procedure safe and sanitary. Although the procedure should meet all sterilization and sanitation requirements, some risks still remain. Any time you put a foreign substance in your body, you run the risk of complications. Just with any tattoo, make sure you go to a licensed professional to avoid any health risks or complications.


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