If you’re any type of artist, you probably want to take extra precautions to protect your work after you finish. A painter might frame his piece while a sculptor might mount his artwork on something sturdy to prevent breakage. As a tattoo artist, it’s also important to protect your work from the fading and discoloration that can affect tattoos if they’re not properly treated. Although it’s not possible to make sure your clients are consistent with their aftercare routine, you can suggest the right products that will heal and protect your artwork that they wear.

Pride Aftercare by TATSoul has a three step system to cleanse, heal and protect new tattoos. The cleanser, ointment and lotion are specially formulated with natural ingredients to work together for best results.

The newest step in Pride Aftercare’s system is the Tattoo Ointment. Unlike other ointments such as Aquaphor, Pride Tattoo Ointment is specifically made for the use healing tattoos so you can be assured that the gentle ingredients will in no way affect the new ink. Other tattoo ointments have an inferior formula that causes the ingredients to separate, as seen in the diagram below. Pride’s ointment remains emulsified, which allows for a more even application.streaming Eye in the Sky film

Pride Aftercare’s Tattoo Ointment contains no dyes or fragrances and is approved by tattoo professionals and other skin care specialists for its moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients. It can also be used to treat minor skin irritations.

Whether it’s your own tattoo or a piece you’ve just completed, make sure to treat it with the Pride Aftercare system to cleanse, heal and protect your new tattoo. Keep your tattoo looking vibrant for years to come.

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