We just got a batch of Eikon EMS 400 power supplies. These are absolutely fresh!

Capacitance Touch User Interface – The EMS400’s capacitance touch buttons don’t require any physical pressure to activate, they are finely tuned to work flawlessly through barrier controls, even while wearing medical gloves.

Vertical Orientation & Small Size – The EMS400’s vertical orientation and narrow profile puts more emphasis on the buttons and less on the display, while taking up very little of your valuable work space.

Cables Routed Out The Back – The footswitch and clipcord connections have been moved to the back of the EMS400, reducing the chance of the cords coming into contact or interfering with your workspace. It also makes covering the unit much easier.

Gumshoe Sticky Foot – Made from a sticky silicone material, the gumshoe sticky foot ensures the EMS400 stays stuck to hard surfaces like counter tops and work carts – even when you bump it or tug on a cord.

Run Rotary or Coil Machines – Specifically engineered to deliver smooth consistent power directly to your favourite tattoo machines, allowing them to operate at their maximum efficiency. The EMS400 will power both electric rotary and coil machines without having to switch modes.

Two Timer Modes – How many times have you started a tattoo and forgotten to look at the clock? To help prevent that from happening again, we’ve built two timer options into the EMS400 to assist artists with tracking tattoo session time.

Two Footswitch Modes – The EMS400 includes both momentary and maintained footswitch modes.

Four Voltage Presets – The EMS400 includes four preset channels for saving the voltage settings of your favourite machines. The preset button allows for voltage values to be recalled with a click of the button.

Worldwide Compatibility – Using the EMS400 in countries other than North America is as easy as purchasing and plugging in the appropriate cordset for the region.