Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Tattoo needle cartridges have fundamentally changed the process of tattooing by introducing a product that makes it almost criminally easy to switch configurations. Additionally, the clean up is easier and single use promotes safe disposability.

We carry tattoo cartridges from brands like Cheyenne, Inkjecta, NeoTAT, and FK Irons in a configuration for every style and need.

Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Choose from a full selection of Needles and Cartridges for all styles and artists.

Envy Needles and Cartridges • Widest range of families (standard, bugpin, traditional, textured, hollow liner needles) • Industry exclusive 30 point inspection process

ENSO Needles • Forged Japanese Steel = strongest needles • Ideal for long tattoo sessions

Prime+/Prime+ Flex Cartridges • Value driven needles for the every day artist • Available in membrane and band cartridge formats

Cheyenne Cartridges • First and original cartridge brand in the industry

Configurations Needle Types* Material Type
Envy Needles 140 S, B, Tr, Tx, H Medical SS Needle on Bar
Enso Needles 104 S, B, Tr, Tx, H Japanese Medical SS Needle on Bar
Envy Cartridges 160 S, B, NB, Tr, Tx, H Medical SS Membrane
Prime+ Cartridges 81 S, B Medical SS Membrane
Prime+ Flex Cartridges 81 S, B Medical SS Rubberband
Cheyenne Cartridges 40 S, B Medical SS Membrane

S = Standard - great for overall styles
B = Bugpin - great for finer details
NB = Nano Bugpin - extreme fine needles for detail work (great for permanent cosmetics) - coming soon
Tr = Traditional - bold traditional liners and color packing magnum shaders
Tx = Textured - great for holding in and color packing ink
H = Hollow - hollow center liners for clean crisp line work

SS = Stainless Steel