Topical Skin Cleansers for Tattooing

Topical Skin Cleansers for Tattooing

Make sure you have a safe and clean canvas to work with topical skin cleansers. Shop trusted tattoo brands like Jet Black Supply, Tattoo Stuff, Intenze Ink, Vitalitree, SecondSkin, Inkeeze, and more. With different formulas available, like foams, concentrates, and wipes, you will find the topical skin cleansing product you prefer for your clients. Topical skin cleansers are just some of the many tattoo medical supplies we carry along with our other tattooing supplies. Make TATSoul your one-stop shop for all of your tattoo supply needs.

Topical Skin Cleansers for Tattooing

Start every job with our topical skin cleansers. Whether you choose green soap or an antimicrobial lotion, our products can help keep your clients clean.

Topical Skin Cleansers for Tattooing FAQs

Which anesthetic works best for tattoos?

Usually, ointments or sprays containing at least 4% lidocaine provide some relief during the actual tattoo process. Topical Anesthetics are great for small pieces and come in the form of creams or gels and are usually applied before the work is done. Numbing sprays are another option and have a similar formulation. Injectable anesthetics provide the most comfort but should only be administered by a medical professional.

Will an anesthetic cream or anesthetic spray work better for getting a tattoo?

Creams take longer to activate, sometimes up to 30 minutes and can be a bit messy if used during the tattoo session but they do last longer. Sprays are faster and provide immediate relief usually in the form of a cooling sensation, but the effect is not as long lasting. Some artists prefer not to use any anesthetics because they claim it can make the skin harder to work on. 

How can I make a tattoo less painful for my Client?

Different techniques play a big role in pain management. Those with a lighter touch provide a more tolerable session. Using anesthetic creams 20 minutes before the session or a numbing spray during the process can help mitigate some of the discomfort. Taking breaks is highly recommended as well as providing distractions either through conversation, music in the shop or even having the shop screens playing videos or shows.

My client used their own numbing cream before coming in to get a tattoo. What should I do?

First, ask them what product they used and how long ago it was applied. Assess the skin and look for signs of inflammation. If you proceed, just be mindful and look for signs of increased bleeding or abnormal irritation on the client’s skin. After the tattoo session make sure to give them instructions for aftercare and advise them to seek medical attention if they have any unusual complications

What is tattoo aftercare ointment (salve)?

After the tattoo is finished, the client needs to prep the fresh tattoo so it can heal properly in a timely manner. By applying a thin layer of tattoo aftercare ointment, the client can provide relief and aid in the healing process. By following aftercare instructions that include, keeping the tattoo clean, avoiding direct sun or soaking the area in water, the client is on their way to having a healthy tattoo

What should you not put on a fresh tattoo?

Don’t use any petroleum-based products on a fresh tattoo, this includes Vaseline, Neosporin and other petroleum jelly-based products. These products don’t allow the skin to breath and can cause pores to clog, slowing down the healing process. Also avoid sunscreen and tanning lotions until the tattoo is fully healed.

What is Inkeeze used for?

Inkeeze is a premium tattoo aftercare product with a wide selection of solutions that help with the healing process during and after the tattoo session. Not only do the Inkeeze line of products provide healing comfort they also have a line specifically formulated to protect the tattoo from sun damage and a line of moisturizes that keep tattoos looking fresh and vibrant.