Blitz Stainless Steel Rotary Machine


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The Blitz Stainless Steel Rotary Machine is a special edition rotary machine constructed by world-renowned machine and stainless steel tube manufacturer Blitz Mfg. The Blitz Stainless Steel Rotary Machine is ideal for artists who are looking for a little added weight compared to the Blitz Aluminum Rotary Machine. Unlike most rotaries that move up and down with slight side motion, the Blitz Aluminum Rotary machine has complete linear motions of only up/down movement with no slight traction of side movement. Hand made in the USA.

Please note that we do not accept returns on any machines that have been used.


  • 5-8V for optimal performance
  • Weight= 7.6 oz
  • 3.5mm stroke length
  • ceramic bearings
  • bipolar motor
  • consistent, reliable
  • minimal maintenance
  • use as a liner or shader
  • fits any tube w/ guillotine tube vise
  • hand made in the USA