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NeoTat Rotary

NeoTat Rotary Machine - Vivace Black 2.5mm - Clipcord


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Taking the Linear design to the next level. Vivace means lively, with spirit. Lighter weight and streamlined. Featuring the Motor Cartridge which combines the motor, drive mechanism and electrical connection into a single component. This makes the Vivace, easier to handle when cleaning and performing other maintenance. It also allows the artist to swap one motor cartridge for another of a different stroke length or connector type. Versatile and convenient, it is a consistent, reliable, quiet and smooth running rotary tattoo machine. The clip on the Glide, a Neotat original feature is standard on all Vivace machines. Oiling is required after every 200 hours of use.

*Available in Clip Cord or RCA
*Available in 2.5mm 3.5mm 4.5mm storke lengths
*Billet machines of 6061 alloy aluminum and anodized
*Weighs in at 4 ounces
*Machine Body may be autoclaved

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