Morphix Humbolt Disposable Tube 7M 1"Morphix Humbolt Disposable Tube 7M 1"Morphix Humbolt Disposable Tube 7M 1"

Morphix Humbolt Disposable Tube 7M 1"


  • Model: mor-humbolt-1-7M-10

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Morphix morphed their best selling Humboldt Grip with the KURV Tip and added additional design improvements to make a tube unlike any other. Moving the tip from the center of the grip towards the front results in better visibility and a much larger ledge underneath for support and control. This seemingly minor adjustment yields big dividends you’ll notice right away.

Morphix also added a radius to the outside tip for one of the most comfortable interfaces on the market. The contours of the grip and the big ledge underneath provide the leverage, control, and stability to let you tattoo with a relaxed grip - no more white-knuckling your way through a piece.


  • Low profile housing provides improved visibility and ink flow
  • Perfect fit for needle assembly every time
  • Mags are curved at the end of easier cornering
  • Liners are round on the outside, diamond shaped on the inside
  • No sharp corners or edges means less trauma
  • 10pcs/Box
  • Please Note - each box comes with tubes of one configuration despite the picture showing several