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Stacie Rae

Creating Art from Our Scars Giveaway

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we’ve teamed up with Stacie-Rae to launch a new collection of cartridges that will best aid in the practice of nipple restoration. Stacie-Rae is a professional tattoo expert with more than 3 decades of tattoo experience.

In 2009, after losing her mother to cancer, she started developing creative solutions to better serve the community of survivors that deserve every resource available to them by coming up with the A.R.T (Areola Restorative Tattooing) system.

To celebrate her story and work, we are giving away a set of her new cartridges along with an all access pass to the A.R.T. digital class to one lucky person during the month of October.

Envy Gen 2 Stacie-Rae ART Cartridges

  • Curated Cartridge Configurations specific for scar tissue tattooing
  • Set of two deluxe box configurations
  • Set 1 : "First Pass" cartridge groupings
  • Set 2 : "Detailing" cartridge groupings
  • Best in Class Envy Needles
  • Gen2 Finger Ledge technology for maximum comfort and control

A.R.T. Digital Class

Stacie-Rae has created a hybrid approach to learning, so there’s something for everyone! Perfect for Nurse and Cosmetic Tattooists who want to level up their A.R.T. game, as well as, newer tattooist who want to get the best possible start. This class focuses on artistic development, how to achieve a realistic look, and understanding compromised skin. Stacie-Rae will also discuss the emotional implications which will be shared from her own personal mastectomy experience. Stacie-Rae will also cover needles, pigments, machines, and reading skin.

About Stacie-Rae

Stacie-Rae is a Previvor, artist, author and innovator. Her story is a motivation to us all. She has prevailed against all the odds and lived her dreams as one of Canada's first female tattooers. A plan that she set in motion 31 years ago when she entered the industry. In 1995, she dropped out of art school when she was offered an apprenticeship. Since then, she has passionately created lasting memories for approximately 20,000 people.

In 2009, Stacie-Rae was diagnosed with BRCA1. Fast forward to 2012, when she faced her own Mastectomy, and it changed her entire career focus.

Since then, she has challenged the entire medical tattoo industry. She has launched several products that support tattoo artists on areola restoration. She has also inspired survivors from around the world to look forward to life as cancer survivors and loving their bodies again, excited to put cancer behind them for good!

Stacie-Rae is an inspiration to every one of us; thank you, Stacie-Rae!

To learn more about Stacie-Rae and her work visit: https://www.stacie-rae.com/