The TATSoul Advantage

Some say, “An artist can only be as good as his tools.” For contemporary tattoo artists, this idiom rings true beyond the conventional terms of brush and paint, or in our case, needle and ink. As the tattoo industry adapts to a new appeal for a more modern, health regulated and comfort conscious market, the standard tools of the trade have come to include the actual chairs that support the client, or canvas. Tatsoul understands this industry trend and responds with a diverse line of sleek and ergonomic chairs that will reflect your style, craft and quality as an artist. Your studio and its furniture should echo your innovative style and classic taste. That is why TatSoul chairs are becoming a staple piece of furniture in up-and-coming tattoo studios everywhere. Most recently, their FC368 (hydraulic pro twin) model was even featured on the hit Discovery/TLC TV show Miami Ink. When you invest in a Tatsoul chair, you invest in the image and longevity of the most essential tool of your business.

Quality and Comfort are signatures of Tatsoul chairs – benefiting tattoo artists and clients alike. The chair is adjustable in height, seat and leg angle. These various adjustments customize the experience of each client and artist in your studio. They function to ease the strain that hours of work may bring your artists, while optimizing the precision of their artwork. Your clients will recline into 73 inches of soft vinyl, supported by a cushion that molds to the body and provides ultimate comfort. The pillow is detachable, allowing clients to lay flat, facedown into a face hole, as opposed to propped up on their elbows. For those upper body tattoos, armrests are also detachable for advanced accuracy. These versatile chairs are either electrically or manually adjusted with a hydraulic base that has an option to swivel 360 degrees.

Once an owner of a Tatsoul chair you’ll swear it will be one of the most valuable tools of your trade!

TatSoul Spearman