I’ve always had a deep appreciation for traditional tattooing. Not just because it’s what our community’s foundation was built on but because these tattoos are so completely reliant on having clean, straight lines and bold, solid saturation. The simplistic designs allow tattooers to showcase how they have honed their craft.

It’s no secret that the majority of traditional style tattoo artists always have tended to be “loyal to the coil” folks that have a sort of romance with the smell of flux from the apprenticeship days of making their own needles. However, surprising enough, more and more traditional tattoo artist are locking up their brass bulldogs and throwing in the paper towel on needle on bar and making the switch to cartridges.

When we set out to make our Envy Needle Cartridges our intent was to create a reliable cartridge with the sharpest and most consistent needle groupings at an affordable price that would serve as tools for EVERY style artist.

Over the years our Envy 7 Traditional Round Liner needle on bar has become one of our most popular configurations to date and there was no way in hell we were going to deprive tattooers that made the switch to carts from making these sexy ass lines. A few years back we launched our Envy Traditional Whip Mag line of needles, mag groupings where the pins are short tapered and textured but polished right at the tips so as you pull up you get that perfect peppery gradient. We knew there was no way we couldn’t also make this in cartridge form.

It wasn’t an easy feat. We weren’t going to slap our logo on a box of some crap that some factory in China had made and was pimping out to every supplier out there. It was our number 1 priority to make sure that the exact needles that artists had come to trust from us were the exact ones that would be put inside every cartridge housing. Which is exactly what we did. Every single Envy Cartridge features OUR Envy Needle pins, they go through the same inspection processes as every needle on bar we have ever produced.

Today we proudly offer the most extensive selection of the highest quality needle cartridges in groupings for every style including our Envy Traditional Needle Cartridges. Traditional tattooing doesn’t have to come with sacrificing convenience.

– Erica Kopelow, TS Creative Director