PMU Cartridge Needles

PMU Cartridge Needles

All PMU Cartridge Needles are high-quality and artist-approved. Shop TATSoul's own brand of PMU Cartridge Needles by Envy. They are available in various configuration types like round shader, curved magnum, magnum, and round liner. Perfectly crafted grips are designed to make them a comfortable hold even with gloves.

PMU Cartridge Needles

The Envy Gen2 Cartridge family is available in the widest array of needle tapers and diameters available for the PMU industry. Our premium Nano needles are engineered and manufactured specifically for perfect hair strokes and fine micropigmentation.

Absolutely love Envy Gen 2 Cartridges. The grip is a genius design, and makes whip shading on brows so easy.

Terry Lively
San Antonio, TX

Artist Approved


Consistent Groupings

Lead Free Solder

Safety is our priority! Envy Gen 2 Cartridges proudly uses silicone membrane technology to prevent ink backflow into the motor housing of tattoo machines for a safe and hygienic environment.