Tattoo Artist Chairs

Tattoo Artist Chairs

Tattoo Artist Chairs

Elevate your tattooing experience with TATSoul artist chairs. Designed for comfort and durability, our chairs provide the support and functionality you need.

With a priority on versatility, our tattoo artist chairs are adjustable in height, seat and leg angle to offer artists optimal comfort to work their best for longer sessions. Our furniture exists to ease the strain that extended tattooing sessions can cause with ergonomic design, comfortable cushioning and upholstery. All are equipped in TATSoul’s tattoo chairs for artists.

Many of our height adjustable, wheeled chairs have stainless steel construction and are upholstered with smooth, high quality vinyl for easy cleaning. From simple to premium, we have a tattoo artist chair to keep you comfortable and healthy in the long term.

What Makes Our Tattoo Artist Chairs the Best 

We offer artist chairs that blend classic aesthetics with modern functionality. Designed for comfort and durability, we believe a tattoo chair for artists should provide the perfect balance of style and support. We aim to be the ideal choice for discerning tattoo artists looking to enhance their studio's ambiance and their own comfort during long tattoo sessions.

Most Comfortable Tattoo Artist Chairs

TATSoul artist chairs are renowned for their unmatched comfort, designed to provide tattoo artists with the ultimate seating experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to ergonomic design, our chairs feature plush padding and adjustable features to ensure optimal support for tattoo artists during long sessions. With their superior cushioning and customizable settings, TATSoul artist chairs provide unparalleled comfort, allowing artists to focus entirely on their craft without the distraction of discomfort.

Tattoo Chair vs Stool

The primary difference between a tattoo artist chair and an artist stool lies in their design and functionality:

  1. Tattoo Artist Chair:

    • Purpose: A tattoo artist chair is designed to provide comfort and support for the tattoo artist during long tattooing sessions.

    • Features: It typically features a backrest, armrests, and adjustable height to ensure ergonomic positioning for the artist.

    • Comfort: Tattoo artist chairs are often padded and cushioned to provide maximum comfort, reducing fatigue and strain on the artist's body.

    • Functionality: The adjustable features of a tattoo artist chair allow the artist to customize the chair to their preferred working position, enhancing their overall comfort and efficiency.

  2. Artist Stool:

    • Purpose: An artist stool is a simple, backless seat designed for use by artists and craftsmen.

    • Features: It is usually height-adjustable and may have a footrest for added comfort.

    • Comfort: While artist stools provide a basic seating option, they may not offer the same level of comfort or support as a tattoo artist chair.

    • Functionality: Artist stools are often used in studios where artists need to move around frequently or require a compact seating option. They are suitable for short periods of sitting but may not be ideal for long tattooing sessions due to the lack of back support.

Tattoo Artist Chairs

A person adjusting a Mako Studio Chair for tattoo artists.
Someone straddling a Mako Studio Chair for tattoo artists.
Someone sitting in a Mako Studio Chair for tattoo artists.

Working alongside tattooers, we have worked to craft innovative chairs specifically designed to alleviate spine tension. Our line of artist chairs provide innovative and versatile solutions that allow you to get closer to your client and tattoo more comfortably.

A Mako Artist chair in a tattoo shop.
A Tobacco colored Mako Lite Artist chair in a tattoo shop.