Stacie-Rae has been tattooing professionally since Feb.1996, and has worked with some of the best in the field. One of Canadas first female tattoo artists, she was ready for a challenge when cancer showed up in her family in 2006 and she faced her own mastectomy. With 10 years experience covering scars at that time, she saw a need for a serious upgrade in restorative tattooing and changed her career focus entirely. She wrote a book, drew an areola flash sheet, invented NIPPLEBACKS temporary areola tattoos, and pioneered a completely new approach to areola restoration, which she has been teaching for almost 10 years now. Along with the worlds first scarred practice sheets, A.R.T. is really changing the game! So, when TatSoul invited her to do a signature series of areola cartridges, she knew exactly what she wanted to see happen, and was grateful that they brought her entire vision to life!

Now, the pinnacle of helping tattooists achieve greatness rests in the inclusion of the NEW ever after areola pigment set with a specific set for light, medium, and dark skin tones, with each colour specifically designed for the skin tone it was formulated for! We finally had a chance to design colors from the knowledge of the scar and skin tone itself! So, instead of just applying a color to the skin, we reverse engineered our approach and created each color for the skin tone itself!

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