Envy Gen 2 Tattoo Cartridge Collection

TATSoul's own line of tattoo cartridges is known as Envy. With Envy cartridges, you can get exactly what you need because they come in multiple sizes and styles including magnum, curved magnum, round liner, round shader, and extra tight round shader.

Envy cartridges are so good that they are trusted and used by TATSoul Artists. Shop other TATSoul products like needles on bar, machines, and merchandise today.

Envy Gen 2 Tattoo Cartridge Collection

Building on the foundation of the game-changing, tried-and-true Envy Cartridges, the Envy Gen 2 Cartridge features a sleeker, lighter design and the industry's first finger ledge; providing a level of comfort and control never before seen in a needle cartridge.

Made with the same outstanding quality that artists have come to trust from TATSoul, Gen 2 Cartridges feature the artist-tested, signature Envy Needle pins and configurations that you know and love.

Artist Approved


Consistent Groupings

Lead Free Solder






Safety is our priority! Envy Gen 2 Cartridges proudly uses silicone membrane technology to prevent ink backflow into the motor housing of tattoo machines for a safe and hygienic environment.