Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Tattoo needle cartridges have fundamentally changed the process of tattooing by introducing a product that makes it almost criminally easy to switch configurations. Additionally, the clean up is easier and single use promotes safe disposability.

Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Choose from a full selection of Needles and Cartridges for all styles and artists.

Envy Needles and Cartridges • Widest range of families (standard, bugpin, traditional, textured, hollow liner needles) • Industry exclusive 30 point inspection process

ENSO Needles • Forged Japanese Steel = strongest needles • Ideal for long tattoo sessions

Prime+/Prime+ Flex Cartridges • Value driven needles for the every day artist • Available in membrane and band cartridge formats

Cheyenne Cartridges • First and original cartridge brand in the industry

Configurations Needle Types* Material Type
Envy Needles 140 S, B, Tr, Tx, H Medical SS Needle on Bar
Enso Needles 104 S, B, Tr, Tx, H Japanese Medical SS Needle on Bar
Envy Cartridges 160 S, B, NB, Tr, Tx, H Medical SS Membrane
Prime+ Cartridges 81 S, B Medical SS Membrane
Prime+ Flex Cartridges 81 S, B Medical SS Rubberband
Cheyenne Cartridges 40 S, B Medical SS Membrane

S = Standard - great for overall styles
B = Bugpin - great for finer details
NB = Nano Bugpin - extreme fine needles for detail work (great for permanent cosmetics) - coming soon
Tr = Traditional - bold traditional liners and color packing magnum shaders
Tx = Textured - great for holding in and color packing ink
H = Hollow - hollow center liners for clean crisp line work

SS = Stainless Steel