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ECOsply Biodegradable Trays - 9.25" x 12.25"


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ECOSply™ Biodegradable Trays are thoughtfully designed with sustainability and versatility in mind and are available in a convenient size of 9.25 inches by 12.25 inches. These trays are more than just a practical solution for organizing tools – they represent a commitment to both the artistry of tattoo and piercing and the environment. 

Crafted from biodegradable materials, these trays offer a guilt-free alternative that aligns with eco-conscious values. For tattoo and piercing clients, these trays provide a clean and organized space during procedures, ensuring a comfortable experience. Artists, too, will appreciate their utility, as the trays streamline their workstations, allowing for efficient access to essential tools. 

The generous dimensions cater to various needs, accommodating everything from intricate tattoo setups to precision piercing arrangements. Elevate your studio's sustainability quotient while enhancing client and artist satisfaction – choose ECOSply Biodegradable Trays, where responsible choices meet exceptional functionality. Your studio's dedication to both artistry and the planet has found its perfect match.

  • Much cleaner and more professional appearance than other disposable trays
  • Made from a 100% biodegradable plant fiber that composts within 45 days
  • Non-toxic, food-grade, moisture-resistant trays
  • Shallow-ribbed design adds stiffness and reduces instrument rolling
  • 1 Tray