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Eternal Halo - Cosmos Tattoo Ink



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A warm, but muted pink hue—similar to a warm flesh tone.

Designed by tattoo artist Halo, the Halo Fifth Dimension ink set collects 12 opaque hues of intense light from the brightest levels to heighten and energize your dark and mid-tone inks. Use the hues straight from the bottle as complementary or as high-value tints to quickly provide additional pop and impact your art. This is a must-have addition to every tattoo artist's palette and will streamline your color selection.

WARNING: We will not be responsible for FROZEN liquids. If you are ordering liquids such as inks, make sure to be at your address when the delivery driver arrives. You can do this by keeping close track of tracking numbers. Prolonged storage of liquids in cold (below freezing) areas will result in damaged product.

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Eternal Halo - Cosmos Tattoo Ink

Eternal Halo - Cosmos Tattoo Ink - 1 oz
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