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Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink- Motor City - GTO Teal



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A teal with an ochre tint. This hue is the result of collaborating with Audie Fulfer.

Detroit put a nation on wheels and rolled us through a lifetime of memories. Our Motor City Ink Set is a flashback to Detroit speed. Included are 12 tattoo hues inspired by vintage sheet metal fantasies, high gloss paint, and all the reckless joys of a fine ride.

WARNING: We will not be responsible for FROZEN liquids. If you are ordering liquids such as inks, make sure to be at your address when the delivery driver arrives. You can do this by keeping close track of tracking numbers. Prolonged storage of liquids in cold (below freezing) areas will result in damaged product.

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Eternal Ink- Motor City - GTO Teal

Eternal Ink- Motor City - GTO Teal - 1 oz
Eternal Ink- Motor City - GTO Teal - 2 oz