Lume Cube

Lume Cube Flex Pro 2-Point Lighting System


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Designed to elevate the work of artists and creators, the Flex Light Pro gives you complete control of your light source with a professional 2-point lighting system. The dual Edge-Lit panels rotate 270º on flexible arms allowing you to fully illuminate your subject & eliminate shadows on any surface. With a 96+ CRI rating & diffused Edge-Lit LED's, you'll experience a clean, balanced light that offers complete control of color & brightness.

  • Edge-Lit Technology - 128 high-quality LEDs per panel with built-in diffusion provide perfectly balanced light, reducing shadows and eliminating harsh bright spots
  • 2-Point Lighting System - Two 13'' x 2.25'' Edge-Lit panels rotate 270º
  • Flexible Arms - 11" flexible arms allow you to independentlyadjust the position of each light panel
  • 96+ CRI Rating - High CRI rating ensures perfect color accuracy
  • Smart Settings - Output settings automatically saved from last shutdown
  • LUX - 180 lux/0.5m
  • Adjustable Color Temperature - 3000K - 6500K
  • Adjustable Brightness - 5% - 100%
  • Travel Case - Convenient travel case or experts on-the-go
  • Flex Light Pro
  • Gooseneck Phone Mount
  • 70" Light Stand
  • Power Cable
  • Travel Case