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Matrix 10 Tattoo Ink Cup Palette


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The next innovation from the inventor of Tatu-derm®, the Matrix Ink Cup Palette improves the set up process for complex full color tattoos.The palette has ten ink cups - two high and five across connected at the base for improved stability. Two or more can be snapped together for a palette of twenty or more ink cups. It can be easily cut for fewer then ten cups. Imagine saving 20 minutes or more in set up time for full color tattoos. Imagine improving environmental health by eliminating petroleum jelly in the process. Imagine ink cups aligned like this to improve the work space. The tattoo ink cup is ready for a revolution and the Matrix Ink Cup Palette is here to make that change.

  • 20 palettes / bag
  • Each palette contains 10 ink cups connected via the base for improved stability
  • Palettes can be snapped together or cut up to customize your set up