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Stacie-Rae A.R.T. Workbook For Areola Tattoo Restoration


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The A.R.T Workbook is your guide to restorative areola tattooing. Learn how to understand and work with your clients needs. Understand the techniques and the art of placements to ensure success and so much more.


  • Written by Stacie-Rae, this book opens up solid discussion points to help you glimpse the sacred origins of healing tattoos
  • Pertaining to Post-Mastectomy Tattooing, the A.R.T. Workbook emphasizes the importance of understanding how skin is compromised by surgeries & alterations
  • Learn how long to wait before your client can be tattoo post surgery, also learn how to design and place your A.R.T. for your client's success

Product Specifications:

  • 9x9x1/4"
  • Soft cover book
  • 70 pages
  • Includes a variety sample of Nippleback temporary tattoos