TATSoul 370-S Base Retrofit Kit (BLACK)


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The TATSoul 370-S Base Retrofit Kit are used to upgrade a previous 370 version to the same base as the TATSoul 370-S. This kit will allow you to install our patented retractable wheels on the older version 370. By utilizing landing gear style retractable wheels, you can lower the wheels to move the 370 and retract them when you want it stationary.

Please Note: This kit does not include the retractable wheels. You will need to purchase the retractable wheels separately.

Compatibility: Your 370 may not need this kit to install wheels. Wheels are only compatible with purchases after April 2009. If you see two plastic plugs at the top of the metal base, your TATSoul 370 is compatible, and you will not need this kit. If your base does not have plastic plugs, a this kit is necessary.