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Tattoo Zoo

Tattoo Zoo - Samuele Plush


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Welcome to the Tattoo Zoo! A wilder place than the jungle ever could be, it’s packed with dreamers, risk-takers and free spirits whose personalities are as colorful as their ink. 

Most creatures are just trying to blend in, but these guys wanna stand out. Why? Because some animals just want to look different. Each character and animal are designed collaboratively with the tattoo industry. The artwork is designed and inked by tattoo artists from around the world.

Tattoo Zoo plushies are 15" tall.


Meet Samuele the Alpha Male Lion!

His parents named him Samuele, but everyone just calls him “Sir.” He’s the designated leader and alpha male of the zoo, and if you’ve got a problem with that, well…the last guy who challenged his authority is still consuming most meals through a straw. What do you expect, he’s a Leo.

Like all good leaders, Samuele is willing to shoulder the burden of telling other people what to do. This is the price you pay when you’re as big, smart, and handsome as he’s pretty sure he is.

But after the sun sets he really lets his mane down and turns the EDM music up. This man knows how to party.

Sure, he’s been banned from most drinking establishments in the state, and no, he’s not “officially” allowed to operate a motor vehicle for the next 36 months, but that’s all the more reason to invite 600 of his closest friends over to his apartment and ensure he will never get his security deposit back.

In fact, the local noise ordinance is named “Samuele’s Law” in his honor.

For this king of the jungle, heavy lies the crown. Especially when he’s been up 18 straight hours fueled entirely by vodka sours.