A couple weeks ago, we posted a blog briefly discussing the progression of the tattoo industry. On that same note, we would like to share this historical blog of the interdisciplinary scholar, Anna Felicity Friedman. Her blog, Tattoo History Daily, showcases daily postings from the history of tattooing based on Friedman’s archival research and/or personal collection. The photos and commentary on her blog are beyond fascinating. She also posted tons of photos from the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum. This brings us both riveting insight and awareness to their recent troubles. We find it great that this blog not only exhibits valuable historical knowledge on the industry, but it also demonstrates such support for the industry. For those of you who are as intrigued about the history of tattooing as we are, this is definitely worth checking out.


Tattooed German sailor from Bellmann’s 1930 article in a folklore journal.


Vials of antique tattoo pigment from the Horniman body art show.


Marquesan photographed in 1897 during Von Den Steinen’s fieldwork.


British turned ivory hand-tattooing needle holders from the late 19th/turn of the 20th century.


Those were among the few of the amazing photos that were exhibited on Friedman’s blog. Check out her blog for more!

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