TATSoul Artist Angelo Parente

TATSoul Artist



"I was apprenticed for about a year in 2013 under Tyler Pawelzik (Black Casket). He taught me just about everything I needed to know. Since I started I have been at the same studio, Black Casket Tattoo in Scranton, PA. I have tattooed all different styles over the years. For the past 2-3 years, I have stuck mostly to Gothic/Halloween/Horror/ themed tattoos with a type of illustrative style using a lot of the traditional techniques I have learned in the past."

“Switching from stainless steel tubes to disposable was tough for me. I couldn’t find something that would help support the weight of my machine, feel comfortable in my hand, and have a great flow of ink, but then I found the Wrath Nexus tubes. They check off all those and more!”
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