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Solid Ink - The Mixer



Size: 2 oz

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You can use The Mixer to dilute colors , and make them a slightly lighter (for faster tattooing)

The Mixer is great to break down the lining black , and get different shades of grey , for black and grey style.

Do not use this tattoo ink in or around the eyes. Solid Ink recommends spot testing or consultation with a dermatologist. Do not use in or around the eyes. Keep in cool dry place away from heat. Do not freeze.
Ingredients: Proprietary blend of natural pigments, vegetable glycerin, distilled water & hamamelis.
The pigments used are absolutely non-toxic and non-hazardous, under the OSHA COMMUNICATION STANDARD (29 CFR 1910,1200)
Most colors tested and approved by CTL lab in Bielefeld Germany for safety and skin reactivity complying with European legislation on tattoo colors.
Does NOT contain carcinogenic, reprotoxic or mutagenic substances.
Does NOT contain preservative substances.
Reactivity: Stable and will not occur polymerization.
Physical data: Appearance in various color liquid fluids. Most colors are water dispersible or soluble .
Handling the product: Keep the ink in a dry area, avoid heat and freezing. Ink is labeled with lot number for traceability, and expiration date to insure quality and safety use.

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Solid Ink - The Mixer

Solid Ink - The Mixer - 2 oz
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