#BottleNo30 Free Bird TATSoul Water Bottle (1L)


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The #BottleNo30 project is the opportunity the mobilize a global audience through art, and to take a stance against single-use plastic. It is the first reusable bottle that directly supports reforestation projects.


Each #BottleNo30 purchase:

  • • Delivers 2-3 liters of clean drinking water to individuals in need, every day
  • • Plants 5 trees, which at maturity, will absorb an average of 240 pounds of carbon dioxide every year
  • • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • • Decreases your plastic consumption
  • • Together we can take a stance against single-use plastic, the global water crises, & climate change

Small selfless acts, multiplied by millions, can make the world a better place” – Trudy Lines Tattoo

Features & Benefits

  • • Both the bottle & packaging are sustainable in every way
  • • BPA & phthalates free
  • • Leakproof & twist-lock
  • • Lightweight
  • • Bottle size: 34 ounces & 10 inches