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Opus Tattoo Gloves (Box)



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Opus Tattoo Gloves are the first and only glove designed for the tattoo artist. These gloves were designed by tattoo artists and are built for the grind. Extremely flexible, non-constricting, textured fingertips, ultra-soft-non-slip nitrile. A high quality medical grade nitrile with the feel of a latex glove.

  • Slip-resistant technology
  • Textured finger tips
  • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Allow for easy movement of fingers and hand
  • Soft, comfortable feel; keeps skin cooler
  • Premium medical grade nitrile
  • Powder-free

  • Box Contains: 100 gloves
  • Case Contains: 10 boxes, 1000 gloves

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Opus Tattoo Gloves (Box)

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