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Sniper Tattoo Photography Set


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The Sniper Tattoo Photography Set is a solution designed to instantly capture perfect photos of tattoos with no post-editing or filtering. With Sniper, images can be taken immediately without highlights or redness, with maximum contrast and optimal colour intensity.

  • LED light is made of CNC-manufactured aluminum and can be easily adjusted via the screen unit. The brightness and temperature of the light can be changed and adapted to the surrounding conditions
  • The handle has a 1/4" thread and can be mounted on a tripod. The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in the hand
  • The phone clip with attachable lens can be mounted freely thanks to the magnetic mechanism. The polarizing lens is precisely matched to the LED light and thus efficiently prevents reflections, highlights and reddening
  • The phone holder is made of aluminum and has a sophisticated spring mechanism that remains as functional as on the first day, even after frequent use.
  • The ball joint allows the angle of the camera to be optimally adjusted.
  • Sniper does not require any additional software. You only need a smartphone with a high-quality camera to take perfect pictures. The images on the smartphone no longer need to be post-processed thanks to the ideal setting that Sniper creates - mainly thanks to its bright LED light. These photos can then be posted online immediately

Photography Kit Includes:

  • LED Light
  • Handle
  • Phone clip filter
  • Balljoint
  • Phone Holder
  • USB-C Cable
  • Do I need to install anything to use Sniper?

No, Sniper is a hardware product. Unpack, assemble and shoot perfect tattoo pictures.

  • Do I need to post-process the image even though I took the photo with Sniper?

No! If you have adjusted the settings of your sniper ideally to the environment, no post-processing of the image is necessary. Take the picture and post it directly

  • Is Sniper compatible with all smartphones?

In principle, yes, but it is important that your smartphone has a high-quality camera. Sniper creates the perfect conditions, but your smartphone takes the perfect picture.

  • For what styles is Sniper suitable?

For all styles. In general, tattoos are always difficult to photograph and it's always the same corner points that make photography tedious. Sniper solves this perfectly, whether you want to photograph Realistic, Graphic, Old school/New school etc. tattoos. Tattoos you want to photograph.