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Tina Davies

Tina Davies - Pigment Ring with Sponge


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Convenience and ease of execution, the Pigment Ring stops spillage and keeps the ink close at hand.

Simply wear the ring on your less-dominant hand and dip your microblade into the cup as you work.


  • Convenience - easily dip while you work and avoid turning to your tray throughout the procedure
  • Comfort - No need to worry about sizing with an adjustable ring band that fits most fingers
  • Sponge - Removable sponge to absorb pigment to avoid spillage, especially when working with shading solution
  • Removable cap - For placing on flat surfaces and avoiding laying the ring down
  • 50 pc/bag

How to Use:

  • Remove sponge from inside the pigment cup
  • Fill pigment cup with pigment
  • Re-insert the sponge to absorb pigment and avoid spillage
  • Place ring on your less dominant hand on a finger that feels comfortable