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Our goal remains disruptive innovation and this philosophy defines us. Recognizing and understanding the challenges artists face is a key element that has allowed us to pioneer advances in tattoo furniture design. For ages tattoo supply companies offered generic, mediocre at best, replicas of age old products and we were determined to make a difference. Your studio should echo your work and we are proud to be the standard, offering an ever-growing, diverse line of sleek, ergonomic and reliable chairs that will reflect your style.

Our commitment to quality has been reciprocated with great brand loyalty from artists of all styles and backgrounds and has triggered TATSoul Furniture to be a staple in reputable tattoo studios around the globe. Investing in a TATSoul chair means investing in the creation of a workspace that provides comfort for yourself and your client and allows you to tattoo better than ever before and we are honored to be a part of that.

We know professional artists sweat the small stuff, and so do we. We pay attention to the small details that make a big difference.