Tattoo Artist Chairs

Tattoo Artist Chairs

Working alongside tattooers, we have worked to craft innovative chairs specifically designed to alleviate spine tension. Our line of artist chairs provide innovative and versatile solutions that allow you to get closer to your client and tattoo more comfortably.

Feature Comparison

Mako Studio Artist Chair

  • Split back rest design for ultimate comfort adjustment
  • 6 points of adjustment - can be customized to support the natural posture of each artist
  • Highest quality smooth vinyl for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic straddle position for spine straitening when working long sessions
  • Lockable wheels included allow to be used for clients receiving back tattoos

270 Artist Chair

  • Full range of adjustments including back tilt, seat tilt, backrest height adjustment, pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • High quality smooth vinyl for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic back rest design
  • Patented straddle position helps relieve back pressure by using back rest as chest support

Mako Lite Artist Chair

  • Minimal back rest design providing posture support
  • Upholstered with smooth vinyl for easy cleaning
  • Versatile solution for artists who are on a budget